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Charmine S Slater

A Woman on a Mission

Charmine’s drive is to assist women move beyond the adversities and daily challenges in their lives.

Using her experiences and professional expertise, she continues to work towards positively influencing the lives of individuals through her writing, speaking and management coaching.


Lost in the Sunset, by Charmine S Slater

Lost in the Sunset

In LOST IN THE SUNSET we journey with Toni St Hillaire through her life transitions as she discovers both herself and love. Contradicting emotions and sentiments of love, failure, expectations, disappointments, hope, and more riddle her life story and experiences.

What makes Lost In The Sunset unique is that the stories are taken from Charmine’s journal and her reflection on some of her life experiences and subsequent lessons learnt along the way.

Lost In The Sunset is a simple but inspiring story of a young woman’s quest to overcome adversity.

A well written story with many lessons to be learnt. It may help other women both understand and face their truths. Happiness truly starts with each individual.
— Celeste Moses, Amazon Customer
“Written in accessible language, “Lost in the Sunset” compellingly captures the essence of what it means to undergo the experience of leaving a painful past and moving on to experience the liberating joy of letting go.”
— Benedict Iheagwara, Amazon Customer
“This is a testimony that many wives can relate to. I totally enjoyed. The journey of self discovery is always painful but rewarding.”
— Sharon Thomas, Amazon Customer


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