Be Open to Change

When something is taken away from our experience, it doesn’t mean that we are being punished; it’s simply an opportunity for God to bless us with something better, once we are open to receive.

Open to Change

Some of my most memorable and edifying experiences have been birthed out of resisted changes, but in hindsight have been significant blessings in disguise.

Quite often we are challenged by situations in our everyday lives, and focus on what we don’t have, losing sight of our blessings, whether it’s big or small.

Despite the challenges, it’s comforting to know “that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 (KJV).

Following is an excerpt from my book “Lost in the Sunset – Reflections on a Journey to Self Discovery” which shares some aspects on my transitions, once I was “Open to Change”


It’s Over Now

“It’s Over Now”

The words were uttered and for a moment, I felt a sense of sadness that suddenly shifted to an unfamiliar sense of liberation. I breathed a sigh of relief as I meditated on the reality of my release from the emotional scars of my failed marriage.

It’s over now - the insecurities, the self-doubt, the self-devaluation, the incapacity to make decisions on my own. For most of my union, I did not recognize that I had somehow disappeared into my spouse. In my earnest desire to capture and retain the attention of the one I had given my heart to, I had lost everything that made me the person I was. Where did I go, who had I become?

It’s over now - the shame, the loneliness, the fears, the inner turmoil. On my journey to self-discovery, there was healing, forgiveness and acceptance. Acceptance of the failures of my past and the person I had evolved into, post the challenges, which are now distant memories.

It’s over now - the regret, the anger, the hopelessness, the pain. So often I had recoiled into myself to eliminate the hurt and anxiety I felt, with increasing measure, once the love and trust had gone. But it is amazing how these emotions dissipated once I discovered my balance and looked beyond myself toward assisting others who needed consolation or just a listening ear.

Agape Love: it epitomizes the essence of human affection in such a profound way.

A toxic relationship had finally come to an end, but love is not over, in fact, it has just begun as I learn to love myself again. I have come to appreciate the sustained friendships and the new ones that birthed during my metamorphosis, and I embrace the idea that we can all make a difference in our lives by taking little steps while making incremental changes every day.

It’s a new beginning and I rejoice in the knowledge that life and its endless possibilities are just in front of me to laugh, to live, and to love again.

Material Copyrighted to Charmine S. Slater


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