Inspiring Positive Change

Inspiring Change

Change is a constant in our lives; so instead of regarding it as an inconvenience, let’s embrace it as an opportunity for growth.

Growing up in a large family, my parents created an atmosphere of calm and order in our household by having daily routines for how my siblings and I completed our chores and responsibilities.  Life as I knew it was relatively simple and the daily routines gave me comfort of knowing what to expect.

In my earlier years, the major change in my experience would have been the annual promotion to another grade at school.  It was something to be expected, but the adjustment still came with some measure of anxiety from the unknown. In those days I was not a great supporter of the “unknown” J

Several years ago whilst reflecting on some of my major life experiences I recognized that my attitude towards change had certainly evolved into a different sphere where I now embrace and welcome the changes in my life. For me, the major shift was in realizing that how I viewed change had a significant impact on how I experienced the resulting transition/s.  Often time the major battle to be won is really the one in our mind and in how we view and anticipate changes. Change your mind and you can surely change your result.

Change for many is challenging – it’s something I identified with for many years - but often if you take the first step and muster enough determination to take control of your situation, the mountains do not appear so insurmountable.

Today may be your new beginning, take courage and make the first step.

My blog is primarily one of encouragement and more so a reminder that change is a constant in our lives; so instead of regarding it as an inconvenience, we can embrace it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Let’s be encouraged.

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